Thursday, August 27, 2009


I don't handle stress well. It takes me down mentally at first, then physically. Since taking my little vacation last week (3 days off; quick trip to San Antonio/Sea World with Dah and The Geej), I've come back to A Situation as work that has been eating me alive. First it was just insomnia. Then I broke out--big zits on my face and back. Then hardcore headaches. And today, I actually had to leave work and come home because it was like a huge boulder of doom just rolled down on top of me--I had a piercing headache, I was dizzy, my stomach was in shreds. I managed to make it home and into the bed, and escaped into a deep, hard sleep for about 3 hours. When I awoke, I was stiff and sore and totally disoriented. BH told me that I looked red and green (feverish and nauseous) all at the same time. And he's right! I've got a 101 fever and have been sick to my stomach--BIG time--since I awoke.

What does this tell me?

I need to figure out a way to better cope with and handle normal and extreme stresses in my life, or I am going to drop dead of a stroke before I hit fifty. Yoga. Meditation. Massage. Exercise. Acupuncture. Or some combination therein. Because this? What I'm feeling right now? Not okay.


Anonymous said...

Honey I'm right there with you. I am SO stressed at work for the past two months, plus the stress of the move and the stress of the husband's job. I can't sleep, the headaches are LEGENDARY, my stomach is in knots, my back is like a vice and it hurts constantly and I am amazed I HAVEN'T gotten sick. I think I haven't gotten sick because i don't see anyone because I work all the time.

I have had NO vacation, everyone else fucked off for three to 4 weeks.
I know how you feel. I need the yoga too. AND the xanax. AND the wine/whine.


Deb said...

My friend Carolyn SWEARS by this acpuncturist - Elizabeth Fordyce who is at Spicewood Springs & Mesa. Her number is 731-8140. Her fees are whatever you can afford. I'm going to try to go next week...