Sunday, December 07, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen: Doug and Diane

This is Doug (sticking his big, goofy head under the Christmas tree skirt and attacking BH's hand): And this is Diane (snoozing on the couch and not minding being covered up in a bankie a bit):

That's right. As of yesterday, we now have two smallish new feline members added to our family roster.

Here's how it went down:

When Earl was sick, I was going to his vet's office once (and sometimes twice) a day dealing with everthing. During that time, I got to know the staff quite well, and bonded with them over what was happening. Plus, they all LOVED Earl (I mean, who didn't, right?), and so they knew me, I knew them, etc. After Earl died, they sent me a beautiful flower arrangement and all signed the condolences card. It meant a lot.

Anyway, earlier this week, one of the vet techs--a gal named Becca--called and said that she'd been fostering a sweet orange male kitten and his sister, and let me know I could meet them if interested. Bless her heart, she was SO sweet, and worried about if it was "too soon" for me, and let me know that it was "really awkward" for her to call me but that he was "such a great kitty" that she thought of me as a potential owner. I considered this sort of a sign. As a matter of fact I WAS ready, and was incidentally, looking for a male/female pair of litter mates to adopt. It just seemed like kismet.

So I made BH go with me to meet them on Wednesday, and by Thursday afternoon, I'd called her and told her I wanted them.

Doug is bigger than his sister. He's SO playful and has a very loud purr. He's solid orange but has a tinge of lighter colored fur on his upper chest area. He's terribly handsome.

Diane is very petite and quite gorgeous. She's a grey tabby (as opposed to Ellen who was brown) and has an orange paw and a smattering of white on her upper chest. Her eyes are a beautiful grey, and her whiskers are half white, half black. And she very much likes kicking her big brother's ass.

It is very weird being around active, inquisitive, playful, mischevious cats who like each other after my last two cats being the opposite of every one of those words I just typed. They're about 4.5 to 5 mos. old, and aren't shy or skittish at all.

I'm definitely falling in love. Merry Christmas to us.


Hecticmom Undone said...

This post makes me so happy! They sound like quite the pair (I was shocked to learn that kitties could actually like each other.)

My verification word was manyhoac. If I knew what a hoac was, I'm sure I'd want many of them.

hotpinksox said...

Welcome Doug and Diane!

GoingLoopy said...

SO SO CUTE. Congrats on your new arrivals :)